February 18, 2023

Budget 2023: What does it mean for BTO, Resale, Private Property?

HDB Resale Prices, property investment, BTO wait times. How will Budget 2023 impact these topics and what do we think...

Investment Property and Investing in Property Early


April 15, 2022

7 Properties in 13 Years: Interview with Ho on Property Investment

Why purchase property as an investment over other types of investments? As someone entering my 30s, I am often...

Unheard of Commission levels in Singapore


March 23, 2022

7.5% Commissions — Entirely unheard of in Singapore!

Recently, we had a conversation with a digital marketing expert on how we can connect with more qualified home sellers...

Building a Professional and Inclusive Culture in Real Estate


March 14, 2022

A Professional Approach to Selling Real Estate

Recently we saw a post being shared on LinkedIn by Mizuki Hsu, a person with disabilities, experience while searching... listing states No Indian despite diversity friendly tag


February 16, 2022 listing states 'No Indian' tagged with 'Diversity Friendly' Tag

A listing on has recently come under fire on /r/Singapore as a potential renter came across a listing that was...

Minimalism versus Tidying the KonMari way


February 11, 2022

Minimalism versus Tidying, the KonMari way

While we may be in the business of real estate, we find that having gone through the home search journey with our...