Innovative.  Inspired.  Impactful.

Our Mission

Unlocking your Real Estate Potential.

Keystone's mission is to give people and their families the power to grow and leverage their real estate properties for future success.

In today’s crowded and noisy environment, we help homeowners cut through the clutter by partnering and being their advisors in all things real estate to establish plans and goals in their best interest.

Our Vision

Creating Positivity in the World.

At Keystone, we have been touched by the pains and turmoil cancer unleashes upon families. 

As a result, we want to change the world by helping cancer patients and their families cope with their monthly financial burdens — to place a ripple of positivity back into the world.

Our Values

Our Values

Turning partners into friends is our way to build a better community, a better future.

Being passionate about our job is how we are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

This passion allows us to enrich the lives of others by advising them on ways to assess and take advantage of their current real estate opportunities in preparation for their commitments in life.

Providing our best service to clients is how we create value above the rest.

In which providing clear and transparent communication of information and updates pertaining to all sales and purchases of properties by adopting the best technologies.

Trust is built over time. Being honest, open, ethical, and fair is our way of adhering to our word.

We are constantly learning. We believe in empowering our team and pushing our team to learn and grow into mature, articulate trusted advisors to homeowners.

Our People

Defined by Our People

Our people are a primary reason our clients recommend Keystone to others. Our unique perspective, broad experience acquired through close collaboration with clients, and deep insight into our work create winning formulae of the future.

Regardless of cultural, educational, or professional background, our people have much in common: the same passion for challenging conventional thinking and solving complex problems, experiences that span a variety of industries beyond real estate, and a passion for helping clients succeed.

It’s an exciting journey to work with us.


Brandon is Coming Home to Property

As a real estate student in the 90s, Brandon went corporate and managed the restructuring of organizations, the creation of new product lines, and the training of countless sales teams. 

Meet Brandon.


Ho is a Lifelong Learner

After his Diploma in Real Estate Management in 1997, Ho furthered his studies with a Bachelor's Degree and eventually earned his Master's from NUS. Till today, Ho attends classes to upskill and remain at the top of his craft.

Meet Ho.

Our Partnerships

Keystone Alliance Ecosystem

Keystone establishes partnerships with leading companies and organizations to better serve our clients’ needs. Through the Keystone Alliance Ecosystem, we are able to offer clients access to specialized services and capabilities that we would otherwise be unable to.

Keystone clients and prospective clients who want to learn more about the Keystone Alliance Ecosystem, or organizations interested in discussing a partnership with Keystone, please contact us.

Our Clients

Making Change Happen

At Keystone, we work closely with our clients who are passionate about the future, embracing change, and driven for success. Aligning with our vision to create positivity in the world, we stand proudly behind all of our clients and choose to work with them, because we believe they too are creating a better world.