A Professional Approach to Selling Real Estate

Written by Brandon Teo
Building a Professional and Inclusive Culture in Real Estate

Recently we saw a post being shared on LinkedIn by Mizuki Hsu, a person with disabilities, experience while searching for a condo in Tokyo. And while her experience did not happen not here in Singapore, it struck a chord with us, and felt the need to share her story and our thoughts.

It made us think about the importance of an inclusive society and had a discussion within our team about this. Here are our three takeaways:

  1. No matter the country or society we are in, as real estate professionals, we should always approach customers with emphatic consideration. We should not have a judgmental approach towards anyone, and should, in fact, think of ways to make the purchasing journey more inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities.

  2. Secondly, we feel that we should not dive into customers’ income during the first meeting. As experts in the industry, we should first listen to our customers, and learn about their needs and wants. We should find out the lifestyle needs of our customers first before diving into the numbers. A property purchase is all about matching lifestyle and daily needs before price. It's about finding the correct fit between the value an estate can provide beyond the tangibles, and its inhabitants.

  3. Thirdly, while serving customers with physical challenges, we ought to consider all accessibility options in the subject property and ensure properties that suit our customer's requirements.

Here at Keystone, we believe that all customers are equal, and we would never judge someone. We believe people are our business and finding the right house that speaks with you plays a big part in our success. We pride ourselves on always providing the very best service to all. 

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