Minimalism versus Tidying, the KonMari way

Written by Brandon Teo
Minimalism versus Tidying the KonMari way

While we may be in the business of real estate, we find that having gone through the home search journey with our clients and building a great relationship, nearing the end of the official process, many clients would share their home design ideas with us. As real estate professionals, we have been in, seen, and experienced so many units, and many more homes. So this sparked our curiosity about how we could share our suggestions for functional beautiful design.
In our research, we chanced upon the famous Marie Kondo philosophy of living and tidying, and in particular — KonMari Is Not Minimalism.

We found out that the KonMari Method™ isn't actually minimalism.

Minimalism is about avoiding the unnecessary. Minimalism is about simplicity, utility, and elegance. Minimalism is about embracing the most of fewer things — taking the literal phrase “less is more” and translating it into a way of life. A common misconception is that people who practice minimalism (or minimalists), “suffer” and “sacrifice” while having fewer things, and less interesting experiences.

What we have learned from Marie is a tad bit different. Maire's philosophy is about surrounding yourself with what you truly cherish. To make space for what you love.

Let's do a simple mental exercise. Open your storeroom and take a look at the mountain of sneakers you piled up over the years. How many pairs still spark joy in your life? What do you do to those you don’t even look at? Do you keep them? Do you sell them on Carousel? Do you give them away?

Marie shares about experiencing a sense of gratification when giving away items you no longer cherish. Clutter obscures what is most important to you. And when your environment reduces clutter, fewer objects will call out for your attention.


What advice do we give our clients?

Less can be more. Don't hurry to fill up your home, and if you do, spend some time every year going through your belongings to determine, not what you could remove, but rather what you want to keep.

Think about what you and your family truly cherish. This will help you in purchasing the right things and building a nest of love, joy, and gratitude every single day in your beautiful new home.

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