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The Jovell

11 Flora Drive | Q2 2022 | D17 | 99 Years

Price Range

S$955,100 - S$1,737,600

bed 1-4 Beds
bath 1.0-3.5 Baths
home 428 Units
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BEACH. GARDEN. SANCTUARY. A home out of the ordinary. The Jovell fulfills the true potential of its development site. An extraordinary waterscape meanders gently through the development, pampering residents with a continuous flow of invigorating water activities. The key to this rare oasis also unlocks the playful beach, a myriad of garden ponds, and tranquil havens that pamper body, mind and soul. Welcome to elegant homes brought to life by weaving intricate features and smart details into every aspect of the design and layout. Luxury is at play, from the finest materials and fittings, to the lavishness of space. With balconies boasting wide frontage, home is bathed in natural lightWelcome to a home with pockets of surprises, flecked with wondrous excitement, recreation and rejuvenation.

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