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Enabling Businesses

Working as a marketing specialist for the past 7 years, Sana has turned into a digital marketing geek who is always on the lookout for new tools and strategies to help her clients enhance the online presence of their businesses.

Her profession has always included a lot of content and copywriting work. She started working on copywriting projects as a freelancer and pursued it further as a full-fledged business in early 2019.

Featured Writer

Sana is a featured writer on Medium and has been awarded the title of Top Writer in Bitcoin and Investing.

Her passion for writing peaked in late 2019 when she started her own publication site called Opinined, where she welcomes ghostwriters, attributed contributors, and syndicate partners from different parts of the world. The site was successfully monetized in December 2019, only three months after its launch.

Looking Towards the Future 

In 2020, she extended her content writing services to various organizations in different countries, particularly Singapore, Australia, and United States. She continues to produce SEO-friendly, quality articles for different niches to date. One of her recent projects was with Career Karma, a US-based company providing online job training programs and coding boot camps. Over a span of only three months, she wrote more than 50 heavily research-based articles for their blog for career switchers in the tech industry.

Continuing to offer her content writing services, Sana has now stepped into public and media relations work. She optimizes the time and resources of Asian SMEs by incorporating her expertise with their raw thoughts to produce media-friendly brand stories, which she then pitches to various publications for effective media footage and publicity.